Birmingham & District Table Soccer Association

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The League Championship

1971-72      Jeff Parsons.28.Keith Neale.21.Chris Brown.20.David Lloyd.19

1972-73      Dave Collett.41.Jeff Parsons.35.Keith Neale.28.Roy James.26

1973-74      Dave Collett.40.Jeff Parsons.31.Chris Brown.31.Roy James.30

1974-75      Dave Collett.36.Gordan Hamm.35.Jeff Parsons.32.Paul Bradbury.23

1975-76      Jeff Parsons.Keith Neale.Russ.Cross.Colin Bettridge [league started west/east divisions then top 4 playoff]

1976-77      Jeff Parsons.23.Russ.Cross.22.Keith Neale.16.Chris Brown.14

1977-78      Jeff Parsons.31.Colin Bettridge.30.Chris Brown.25.Keith Neale.23

1978-79      Dave Collett.40.Jeff Parsons.30.Colin Bettridge.28.Russ Cross.27

1979-80      Dave Collett.27.Colin Bettridge.19.Rob Paterson.19.Mark Moogan.17

1980-81      Colin Bettridge.20.Rob Paterson.20.Keith Neale.17.Gary Ursin-Smith.12

1981-82      Colin Bettridge.29.Rob Paterson.26.Adrian Butt.19.Keith Neale.17.

1982-83      Colin Bettridge.23.Rob Paterson.22.Keith Neale.17. Lee Kinsey.17

1983-84      Colin Bettridge.37.Rob Paterson.31.Keith Neale.27.Adrian Butt.26

1984-85      Keith Neale.29.Jeff Parsons.28.Rob Paterson.26.Adrian Butt.26

1985-86      Keith Neale.27.Lee Kinsey.25.Jeff Parsons.24.Rob Paterson.22

1986-87      Dave Matthews.49.Rob Paterson.39.Jeff Parsons.39.Lee.Kinsey.38

1987-88      Jeff Parsons.33.Rob Paterson.32.Keale.29.Adrian Butt.28

1988-89      Mark Moogan.30.Keith Neale.28.Jeff Parsons.26.Rob Paterson.25

1989-90      Justin Finch.42.Keith Neale.32.Mark Moogan.31.Rob Paterson.29

1990-91      Mark Moogan.28.Keith Neale.20.Colin Bettridge.20.Rob Paterson.18

1991-92      Rob Paterson.28.Keith Neale.24.Colin Bettridge.24.Chris Brown.15.

1992-93      Keith Neale.23.Rob Paterson.22.Colin Bettridge.21.Ray Keay.12.

1993-94      Rob Paterson.30.Keith Neale.24.Colin Bettridge.24.Tony Moogan.18

1994-95      Colin Bettridge.19.Keith Neale.18.Rob Paterson.17.Chris Brown.12

1995-96      Rob Paterson.21.Keith Neale.17.Colin Bettridge.14.Tony Moogan.10

1996-97      Rob Paterson.26.Colin Betteridge.18.Tony Moogan.16.Chris Brown.11

1997-98      Nick Lampitt.20.Rob Paterson.18.Colin Bettridge.16.Tony Moogan.10

1998-99      Rob Paterson.22.Nick Lampitt.22.Steve Davis.20.Colin Bettridge.20

1999-00      Jeff Parsons.20.Tony Moogan.19.Rob Paterson.13.Colin Bettridge.12

2000-01      Jeff Parsons.37.Rob Paterson.35.Steve Davis.33.Patrick Moogan.28

2001-02      Jeff Parsons.26.Rob Paterson.23.Tony Moogan.21.Steve Davis.21

2002-03      Jeff Parsons.16.Steve Davis.15.Rob Paterson.12.Tony Moogan.9

2003-04      Jeff Parsons.16.Steve Davis.14.Rob Paterson.11.Tony Moogan.11

2004-05      Jeremy Bradley.15.Rob Paterson.8.Tony Moogan.7.Steve Davis.7.

2005-06      Jeremy Bradley.29.Dave Collett.25.Rob Paterson.19.Steve Davis.16

2006-07      Jeremy Bradley.26.Dave Collett.23.Jeff Parsons.15.Tony Moogan.15

2007-08      Dave Collett.21.Colin Fletcher.21.Steve Davis.19.Rob Paterson 17

2008-09      Dave Collett.19.Tony Moogan.18.Steve Davis.16.Colin Fletcher.13

2009-10      Colin Fletcher Dave Collett Tony Moogan Rob Paterson

2010-11      Rob Paterson Tony Moogan Jeff Parsons Dave Collett

2011-12      Dave Collett.18.Tony Moogan.16.Colin Fletcher.15.Rob Paterson.15

2012-13      Tony Moogan.22.Dave Collett.21.Rob Paterson.19.Colin Fletcher.17

2013-14      Dave Collett.23.Rob Paterson.20.Colin Fletcher.20.Tony Moogan.15 (3pt win)

2014-15      Dave Collett 28  Colin Fletcher 25 Tony Moogan 16 Rob Paterson 15 (3pt win)

2015-16      Mike Parnaby 23 Colin Fletcher 21  Dave Collett 19   Rob Paterson 12

2016-17      Mike Parnaby 21 Colin Fletcher 20  Dave Collett 18  Jeff Parsons17

2017-18      Mike Parnaby 21 Joseph Kinrade 16  Rob Paterson 12 Steve Davis 10

2018-19      Jeff Parsons 10 Dave Collett 8 Colin Fletcher 8 Mike Parnaby 8 Rob Paterson 6

Challenge Cup

1971-72      Jeff Parsons 4v2 Dave Collett aet

1972-73      Jeff Parsons 1v0 Dave Collett

1973-74     Dave Collett 2v0 Gordan Hamm

1974-75     Dave Collett 1v0 Jeff Parsons

1975-76     Jeff Parsons 2v1 Mike Rose aet

1976-77     Jeff Parsons 2v0 Russ Cross aet

1977-78     Jeff Parsons1v0 Russ Cross

1978-79     Dave Collett 2v1 Russ Cross

1979-80     Dave Collett 4v1 Colin Bettridge

1980-81     Dave Collett 6v0 Rob Paterson

1981-82     Colin Bettridge 2v0 Lee Kinsey

1982-83     Colin Bettridge 2v1 Lee Kinsey aet

1983-84     Colin Bettridge 3v1 Rob Paterson

1984-85     Jeff Parsons 1v0 Lee Kinsey

1985-86     Peter Matthews 2v1 Keith Neale

1986-87     Jason Cook 2v1 Rob Paterson

1987-88     Jason Cook 1v0 Dave Matthews

1988-89     Jason Cook4v0 Rob Paterson (this seasons semi final Rob.Paterson v Jeff.Parsons last 4 matches never to be repeated)

1989-90     Justin Finch 5v0 Tony Moogan

1990-91     Colin Bettridge 1v0 Keith Neale aet

1991-92     Colin Bettridge 1v0 Rob Paterson

1992-93     Rob Paterson 3v1 Colin Bettridge

1993-94     Rob Paterson 2v0 Chris Brown

1994-95     RobPaterson 4v1 Chris Brown

1995-96     Colin Bettridge 1v0 Ray Keay aet

1996-97     Rob Paterson 1v0 Colin Bettridge

1997-98     Rob Paterson2v0 Tony Moogan

1998-99     Jeff Parsons 3v2 Colin Bettridge aet

1999-00     Tony Moogan 2v0 Jeff Parsons

2000-01     Rob Paterson 1v0 Patrick Moogan

2001-02     Rob Paterson 1v0 Jeff Parsons aet

2002-03     Keith Neale 1v0 Rob Paterson aet

2003-04     Jeremy Bradley 2v0 Rob Paterson

2004-05     Jeremy Bradley 3v2 Rob Paterson aet reply

2005-06     Jeremy Bradley 1v0 Rob Paterson
2006-07     Dave Collett 2v1 Jeremy Bradley                 

2007-08    Colin Fletcher 2v1 Dave Collett,aet reply

2008-09    Rob Paterson 1v0 Tony Moogan

2009-10    Dave Collett 4v0 Phil Dodd

2010-11    Colin Fletcher 1v0 Dave Collett,aet reply

2011-12    Rob Paterson 1v0 Colin Fletcher aet reply

2012-13    Dave Collett 1v0 Tony Moogan aet reply

2013-14    Colin Fletcher 1v0 Dave Collett

2014-15    Colin Fletcher 1 Rob Paterson 0

2015-16    D.Collett 0 Tony Moogan 0 replay aet shots1v0

2016-17    Colin Fletcher 0 Rob Paterson 0 aet 1v0

2017-18    Dave Collett 1 Joseph Kinrade 0 AET Replay

2018-19    Dave Collett 2 Colin Fletcher 1

Flats League

2001-02        Rob Paterson.7.Jeff Parsons.6.Colin Fletcher.5.Sean Wenlock.2.Phil Dodd.0

2006-07        Rob Paterson.7.Dave Collett.6.Jeff Parsons.5.

2007-08        Jeff Parsons.11.RobPaterson.11.Dave Collett.10.Colin Fletcher.8.Phl Dodd.0

2008-09         Dave Collett.9.Rob Paterson.8.Colin Fletcher.7.Phil Dodd.0.

2009-10         Dave Collett.15.Rob Paterson.12.Colin Fletcher.7.Phil Dodd.5.Ben Evens-Dodd.0.

2010-11         Dave Collett.13.Colin Fletcher.12.Jeff Parsons.11.Phil Dodd.4.Ben Evens-Dodd.0

2011-12         Dave Collett.13.Jeff Parsons.12.Colin Fletcher.11.Phil Dodd.2.Ben Evens-Dodd.2

2012-13         Dave Collett.7.Jeff Parsons.6.Colin Fletcher.5

2013-14         Dave Collett.10.Rob Paterson.9.Jeff Parsons.6.Colin.Fletcher.4

2014-15         Rob Paterson 20 Dave Collett 16 Jeff Parsons 13 Colin Fletcher 13

2015-16        Dave Collett.11.Rob Paterson.8.Colin Fletcher.7.J.Parsons.7. M.Parnaby,7

2016-17        Dave Collett  9.    Mike Parnaby 7    Rob Paterson 5   Jeff Parsons 3

2017-18        Rob Paterson 7 Dave Collett 6 Jeff Parsons 6 M.Parnaby,5

2018-19        Dave Collett 14  Rob Paterson 13  Marco Ghigliotti 12  Jeff Parsons 9  Mike Parnaby 9  Colin Fletcher 3

00 League

2017-18        Colin Fletcher 10 Joseph Kinrade 7 Brian Kinrade,1

2018-19        Jeff Parsons 9 Colin Fletcher 7 Dave Collett 5 Mike Parnaby 3

Top Player

2018-19       Jeff Parsons 33  Dave Collett 32.6  Colin Fletcher 23.1  Mike Parnaby 23.1  Rob Paterson 20.2  Marco Ghigliotti 12

Table Football - A potted history

Subbuteo was invented and produced by Peter Adolph in Tunbridge Wells.  His Langton Green based business became an international phenomenon.

From an early age Peter Adolph had two great passions - ornithology and football.  After serving in the airforce in World War II, Peter returned home to live with his mother in Langton Green.  He worked for the Pensions Office and sold birds eggs for extra money.  Inspired by a button from Woolworths, Peter thought that he could improve on the table football games popular at the time.  He made a base using the button, weighted down with a washer.  The result was to revolutionise table football as it allowed players to spin and curve - just like a real footballer.

By 1948 Peter's table football game had been patented as 'Subbuteo', the Latin name for his favourite bird, the Hobby Hawk.  Subbuteo was sold by mail order through adverts in Boys Own Magazine and at School Boy Exhibitions.  By 1950 Peter was able to give up his full time job to concentrate on Subbuteo.                          

Over the next fifteen years the popularity of Subbuteo grew beyond all expectation.  It reached a peak when England hosted the World cup in 1966.  By 1968 Peter could no longer keep up with demand.  To provide investment for the company, Peter sold Subbuteo to Waddingtons but stayed on as Managing Director. Peter, who had had complete control of the company in the past, found it difficult to adjust to being a company man.  In 1970 he resigned from Subbuteo.  He said that it was like losing an arm.

Peter Adolph died in 1994.  He lived in the Tunbridge Wells area much of his life and was well known for his love of sports cars and ornithology.  And as for football - he was a Queen's Park Rangers fan all his life.

Peter enjoying the sun in the mid 1980's.