Birmingham & District Table Soccer Association

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What the B&DTSA is about.

The Birmingham and District Table Soccer Association was formed in 1970 although Jeff Parsons who founded it is the only person of the original five players who still plays. Over 45 years of continuous seasons,Rob Paterson is the longest continuous playing 42 seasons starting 75\76 season. it has seen over 80 different players play in its league and almost certainly is now the oldest Table Soccer Association in the world. Many of those players played for England (under ETF rules) at different levels. The Association currently runs a main league, a flats league and a challenge cup but has in the past run a league cup and a doubles cup. It currently has 9 participants. It has always been an Association rather than a league by name as this emphasises the long-standing camaraderie and general respect amongst its players.

As originally affiliated to the original ETSA (lately to become TSPA) it plays (and always has) to the original ETF rules. Along with ETF rules, this means 20 minute halves and  large ball.  Whilst being competitive and a mature league, it puts great regard on good attentive, refereeing, respect, etiquette and most importantly  good sportsmanship, whatever age or gender of the players. Many of its players have played for over 40 years and also take part in the other discipline of FISTF competitions. Some have also represented England in the FISTF code.


Season 2018-19 winners

League winner :- Jeff Parsons, runner up Dave Collett

Flat League Winner :- Dave Collett, runner up Rob Paterson

00 Cup Winner :- Jeff Parsons, runner up Colin Fletcher

Challenge Cup Winner :- Dave Collett, runner up Colin Fletcher

Top Player Winner :- Jeff Parsons, runner up Dave Collett