Jeff Parsons

As the founder in 1970 and with quite a lot of championships and cups in the 45 years following, former National league winner, ex Supremo and with 11 England caps, the well travelled Jeff Parsons maintains his enthusiasm with a no submission approach. But slower thinking and even slower play brought about by just being a bit older than the others, probably means that challenging for future trophies is beyond him. But his tactics and experience may still cause all to be wary and his participation in both the Birmingham main league and the Birmingham flat league could easily mean that the title contenders that require that one more crucial victory against him could just come unstuck. 

Jeff is also involved with the newly formed Brigantes league in the North East. 

Robert Paterson

Another ancient warrior having joined the Birmingham in the mid 70s.  Has played every season ever since and also participated more or less every year in the ETSA/TSPA  national scene. As the secretary, he organises and represents the Birmingham League. Although he shows high skill with 00, his forte is with flats and challenges in every competition he enters. 

Much like a scorpion, it is when he is looking harmless he strikes with venom especially from distance.  A flat league winner on three occasions but runner up on 4 occasions and last won the Main League 5 years ago in the closest league battle  todate. Rob had the misfortune to lose title in two consecutive years by losing goals in the last minute of the last matches of the season. 

Very much a stealth player. Whilst potential winners are looking at their nearest opponents he pops up unnoticed and grabs the spoils. Never to be overlooked, always a contender and  to be watched carefully.

Dave Collett

Many a top player has cursed Jeff Parsons for discovering this chap in the backstreets of Rednal, Birmingham. in the 70s. His flat figures are renown for keeping Barcelona-type possession and patience for minutes on end in order to achieve that perfect positional shot.  European Cup winners and contenders such as Norman Gleave, Mike Dent, Willi Hofmann, Gerhard Ecker and Andre Becker have all paid this man compliments as he spins to victory consistently to perfection. Gerhard Ecker said in the Baumfalconcup in Vienna 1980, meeting Dave in the final after 8 games each  "As soon as Dave planted three players talking to one another on the left wing, I just knew I had lost" . All the stories are true. And originally he was an 00 player with no polish and although we have not seen the 00 team out for nigh on 40 years, his 00 game truly showed that the real skill is still in the consistent spinning. No artificially aided manipulated bases or polishing secretly in the toilets  for this boy !  Waddingtons should have signed him up or as his brother says  "Dave was a quick learner". And the sod is still spinning at 60 !

Tony Moogan

Another long standing competitor and originally a flat player but has concentrated on the 00s for the last 25 years. He participated in FISTF competitions some years ago but limits his playing to the Birmingham League. 

He holds the record for having gone a full season with no goal conceded in his only league title three years ago. He has been runner up on three occasions but since his outstanding title season, he has not been able to maintain the consistency often starting the season poorly and then ending it with a flourishing run of good results. A very methodical player who when his defense is on form  takes full advantage with breakaway goals.

He also has the distinction of having a brother who won the league twice and a son who participated. 

Steve Davies

A former champion of the Lichfield league in the 90s, Steve's groundings are much in the FISTF Subbuteo rules but after the demise of the Lichfield League Steve joined the Birmingham and even played in the TSPA National League. He is never overawed  and from his first joining at the start of the decade he always competed for the title and even became the League Runner up on two occasions. However, he  took a break for some seasons and since then has had a few lean years.  But there is evidence there that the good times are returning as he suddenly comes up with unexpected results with his never say die approach, an example of which has already been felt in this new season . Has  to  Stevie Davis got a new cue and are we in for some more shocks ?  Watch these pages with growing anticipation.

Colin Fletcher

Another player of much longevity, started playing with flats  in the Newthorpe league in Nottingham in the  late 70s and with its demise transferred to the Birmingham League. Very much part of the old ETSA and TSPA National scene before taking up the FISTF challenge and giving the small ball a run out from time to time.  

Also up to a few years ago, a regular member of the Cornwall 3 day activities brigade where he even reached the final way back in 1988 but was soundly hammered 1-0 by another Birmingham League contender

He is playing as well as ever and has won the Challenge Cup 4 times in the last 8 years  His last and only League Championship was 6 years ago but in the last two years especially he has threatened to get his second title but  has just fallen short.

Still regularly plays in the flat league but with his focus firmly on the 00s, he cannot quite get the results against the three players ahead of him, two of whom are full time and committed flatties.

Brian Kinrade

Brian is very much a FISTF player, playing for a Spanish club but has played in the Birmingham League for the last 4 years. Although he is always near the bottom, he is never overwhelmed and as the seasons go by, he gets stronger and stronger and has inflicted defeats on Jeff and Tony whilst getting a substantial amount of draws against the others. So nobody anymore takes him for granted .  However he will have to up his game if only to keep ahead of his son and should his son join we could be in for a real local derby !   We are not expecting any favours to be given when the two meet.

Joseph Kinrade

Joseph is  Brian's son very much a FISTF player reaching third in the world of the U15s but has taken part in the Challenge Cups in the Birmingham League. He has not made it yet past the opening round but much is expected from him in the next few years. He has started to make his mark in the TSPA National and you never know,  we might see him in the Birmingham League at some stage. 

Mike Parnaby

Mike is the newest member of the league but with over 40 years of continuous playing experience is certainly not to be taken lightly!

” I started playing in 1975, using a flats Wolves team against a flats Brazil team. That game was lost 5-0 but the bug had bitten and the next day, my opponent was ‘bought out’ and the passion took off! I have been involved since then and have seen the mainstream game progress through various phases and have had to adapt to each change. The current ‘Modern FISTF’ game has probably evolved a step too far for me and so I have looked for a way to enjoy the game, the game I fell in love with all those years ago. The mainstream game has become too ‘win at all costs’, and respect for opponents, refs and the game itself are slipping away. The discovery of the Birmingham league and the re-invigoration of the NETFA league have provided me with a new lease of life. I am excited to play with like-minded people, and still enjoy the odd foray into the Subbuteo/FISTF world now and then!”

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2014/2015 reviews from Beginning to End

The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, October 19th, 2014

 Brian Kinrade 1, Jeff Parsons 1

Dave Collett 4, Brian Kinrade 0

Dave Collett 5, Jeff Parsons 0

 Jeff got the season going with an early strike that seemed to take Brian unawares. The equaliser came before the interval from a fast move and slick finish. Jeff threatened a winner in the last minute but Brian survived. There followed a couple of games where everything went one way as far as the run of the ball was concerned. Three attacks brought three goals in the first ten minutes as every shot, regardless of its merits, found the net. Brian came back to strike the home goal-frame twice only to be further hit by a late fourth. Jeff started the last game very much on the front-foot but a combination of good play and finishing saw Dave take the lead in his first serious attack, despite good defending from Jeff. After the interval, a scrappy second saw Dave take charge and cement his position as the early leader.

Paterson Flats, Erdington, November 16th, 2014

Tony Moogan 0,  Dave Collett 1

Tony Moogan 1,  Brian Kinrade 0

Rob Paterson 0,  Dave Collett  0

Rob Paterson 0,  Brian Kinrade 0

Dave’s well-worked first-half goal gave him the lead but after the break only good goalkeeping and defending kept the impressive home player out. The second game was effectively decided in a moment. Brian’s quick attack and strong finish produced a fine save from Tony, the ball rebounding up the pitch. Three flicks later the ball nestled in Brian’s net for the winner. There was little to report from the game between last season’s winner and runner-up. Dave promised to find a late winner but his promising move was halted by the final bell. Robbo had much of the possession against Brian and will rue a miss following a corner though the game slowly petered out in a draw.

Kinrade Lime Road Stadium

Brian Kinrade 0,Colin Fletcher 0

Brian Kinrade 0, Dave Collett 2

The opening half of the first game resembled the Rumble in the Jungle, with Brian/Ali ducking and bouncing off the ropes while Foreman/Fletcher threatened terrible damage without being able to land a decisive blow. For all Col’s pressure, it was Brian who fashioned the best chance of the half but his finish lacked power. The second half was more even, though Col still posed the major questions. Perhaps one fine clipped effort which rebounded the way it had come via the inside of a post, summed up his luck on the day. Dave withstood some early home pressing but initially found his fortune to be little better than Mr Fletcher’s as he saw a fine effort well saved before striking the very same post as Col. The game was still in the mix after the break when a ‘keeper-out’ gave Dave an advantage which he was soon to double with a better finish. Brian pushed to the end but could find no way through.

 The Wintefell Stadium

Colin Fletcher 3, Steve Davis 2
Dave Collett 2 , Steve Davis 0

Dave consolidated his position at the top of the pile with a good win, though he had to wait until seven minutes from the end before opening the score. Steve hit back with a spell of pressure which didn’t quite pay off, only for Dave to sneak a second with the last flick of the game. There followed a memorable match where Col struck first with a Kinradesque finish from wide on the left. Steve capitalised on some defensive slackness to open his account for the season, only for more open play to result in two successful strikes down the middle to give Col a 3-1 lead. Steve stormed back after the interval and reduced the gap with a fine effort and should have levelled after a magnificent pass gave him a good opportunity which was wasted. A quite remarkable deflected effort then struck the inside of a Fletcher post before the last bell brought an end to the drama.

Aaron Kominski DNA Stadium on Sunday, 11th January 2015

Jeff Parsons 0v2 Colin Fletcher

Jeff Parsons 1v0 Brian Kinrade

High quality TS on display at the Kominski, with barely a ball missed, though Col was by far the happier after his victory, earned with a fourth-minute goal in each half. Brian, still searching for that elusive first league win, had a great chance against Jeff only to strike the crossbar from a good position. Jeff rubbed it in with his third late home winner this season.

Moogans Annex on Sunday, 11th January , 2015

Brian Kinrade 1v1 Steve Davis

Brian took the lead with a fine effort but Steve hit back after the break to score the goal that gave him his first point of the season.

 Davis Snooker Hall on Sunday 18th January, 2015

Dave Collett 0v0 Colin Fletcher

Steve Davis 1v2 Colin Fletcher

Steve Davis 1v1 Dave Collett

The battle between the top two was something of a non-event, as there was little goal action, with Dave doing most of the pressing. It was Col, though, who struck the frame of the goal from a narrow angle near the end. Col looked home and dry in the second game after two rather scrappy goals either side of half-time gave him a clear lead. Back stormed Steve to reduce the arrears with a fine goal and then to press hard for a leveller that would have been deserved but which never came. Dave slipped in front with a neat goal before the break and only a brilliant save from Steve prevented him from doubling his advantage. Steve thus stayed in the game and hit home an equaliser following a free-kick near the end.

The Wintefell Stadium on Sunday, 25th January, 2015 

Tony Moogan 0v0 Rob Paterson

Colin Fletcher 1v2 Rob Paterson

Colin Fletcher 2v2 Tony Moogan

Much drama at the WF! The opening Brummie Bore draw was transformed in the closing stages with good chances to win at both ends as the clock ticked down. Robbo hit the ground running next up, taking advantage of uncharacteristic defensive slackness to score the first before following up with a signature RP strike with a shot on the run. Col recovered from these set-backs and soon reduced the deficit only to see his tremendous pressure bring no further rewards. The last game was, arguably, even better. Tony took an early lead, Col soon levelling. The same pattern was repeated in the second half in a brilliant game that might have provided almost any score.

At Aaron Kominski Stadium on Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

Jeff Parsons 2 Tony Moogan 0

Jeff Parsons 1 Rob Paterson1

Jeff boosted his points and position with a goal in each half. Tony fought back hard after the second but could not quite make a breakthrough. Robbo, seeking to put pressure on the top positions, took the lead but Jeff found an equaliser in this all-OO clash(boo, hiss) before the accursed POT made any further progress difficult.

 Davis Snooker Hall on Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

Steve Davis 2 Rob Paterson 2

Steve Davis 0 Tony Moogan 0

Once again, Rob found himself pegged back by the home player after twice taking the lead, the second a trademark shot on the run. Steve’s second equaliser came near the end and gave a just share of the points. The last game was less illustrious, with stirring action for a winner from either player only coming late on.

At Kinrade  Lime Stadium on Sunday, 15th March, 2015

Rob Paterson 0  Tony Moogan 1

Brian Kinrade 1  Rob Paterson 3

Brian Kinrade 2 Tony Moogan 2

Frustration for Rob as his first-half shot thumped against the post, rebounding back down the pitch for Tony’s winning effort. Fate was kinder next up, as two quick shots both struck Brian’s hand for a very rare penalty double that helped to settle the match. Brian recovered to twice take the lead against Tony who saved a point with a late equaliser in a fine, attacking game.

At Rob's Flat, Erdington, 29th March 2015

Rob Paterson 2 Steve Davis 0

Brian Kinrade 0  Steve Davis 0

Colin Fletcher 3 Brian Kinrade 0

Rob Paterson 0 Colin Fletcher 1

Col took time to establish an advantage against Brian but ultimately ran out a comfortable winner. Steve looked to be playing out a goalless draw until Robbo struck twice at the end of the game to grab the points. Unusual indeed that the third game should end scoreless but this does not denote any lack of ambition from the players, each of whom might have taken a late winner in a game of some enterprise. Rob’s hopes of joining the leading group were damaged three minutes from time when Col’s shot found the top of the net. Even then, Rob bounced back but stern defending thwarted him.

At Davis Snooker Hall on Sunday, 19th April, 2015

Steve Davis 0 Jeff Parsons 0

At Rob's Flat, Erdington on Sunday, 19th April, 2015

Tony Moogan 1  Colin Fletcher 2

Rob Paterson 0   Jeff Parsons 0

A big day for Col as his winner six minutes from time gave him the leading spot for the first time this season. Tony had earlier levelled after Col’s first strike. Controversy at the end when the last flick of the game from Rob, a brilliant shot on the run, was hit so hard that no-one could tell whether it had gone in or not, including the ‘scorer’ himself.

The Wintefell Stadium on Sunday, 26th April, 2015 

Jeff Parsons 0 Dave Collett 1

Colin Fletcher 1 Jeff Parsons 0

Colin Fletcher 0 Dave Collett 0

After Colin had tossed his florint (still an offence in some parts of the country), all looked set for the draw at the WS when Dave’s late long free-kick was followed by a precision pass between two defenders and a good finish to take Dave back to the top. Jeff was a little unlucky and was left to bemoan his fate again when Col’s second-half winner again proved vital in another close game. Jeff responded but could not quite find a way through. The final game saw Dave do much of the pressing but Col threatened with some good attacks after the break before the game petered out in a draw.

Moogans Annex on Sunday, 10th May , 2015

Jeff Parsons 1 Steve Davis 1

Tony Moogan 1 Jeff Parsons 0

Tony Moogan 2 Steve Davis 1

The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield 17th May 2015

Dave Collett 2 Tony Mooogan 0

Dave Collett 1 Rob Paterson 0

D Collett 12.8 . +18.28

C Fletcher. +9,25

T Moogan. .12.  -2 .16

R Paterson.  +2.15

J Parsons.  -7.11

S Davis.  -7.7

B Kinrade. -13.6


1st Round 

At Aaron Kominski DNA Stadium on Sunday, 30th November, 2014

Jeff Parsons 1   Dave Collett  0

After the 5-0 thrashing of Jeff by Dave in the league, Dave set off in usual fashion of tight spinning and wing play, forging some useful chances in the first half without quite forcing that one open chance. Jeff, playing in flats to counteract Dave's possession, became more direct the second half forcing a equal amount of possibilities. With less than a minute to go and showing unusual attacking determination, a quick move and a sliced hard shot earned Jeff the victory with no extra time needed. Great game, enormously tactical, competitive but fair, well refereed and who dares, wins attitude from both players. Showed the flats at their very best -should be on the TV instead of Eastenders ! But can Jeff win after 16 years.

At Kinrade Lime Stadium on Sunday 28th December 2014

Brian Kinrade 1 Joseph Kinrade 0  aet

Derby day at the JMG did not disappoint. Brian took the half-time advantage with a fine goal from the left wing. Joe had hardly been out of the game before the break but now stepped up his efforts and was unfortunate not to equalise near the end after a wonderful long flick. Joe will be disappointed to make his exit but when has this competition seen such a fine debut from a young player?

 Patersons Flats on Sunday, 11th January 2015

Rob Paterson 1v1 Steve Davis aet3v1

Rob and Steve were deadlocked at 1-1 after 40 minutes, Robbo taking the lead shortly after the resumption. In a game of good attacking play, Steve was rather hard done by to concede a third in the dying seconds.

 Moogans Annex

Tony Moogan 1v2 Colin Fletcher

It was all over at half time as Col took and re-took the lead after Tony had fought back to level. Tony strove for an equaliser as the game went on but to no avail.

  2nd Round

Patersons Flats on Sunday, 29th March , 2015 Semi Final

Rob Paterson 4 Brian Kinrade 0

Rob raced into a three-goal half-time lead which effectively clinched his final place. Brian kept going and might have reduced the deficit; instead Rob struck one last blow to remove any doubts as to the outcome

Davis Snooker Hall on Sunday, 19th April, 2015 Semi Final

Colin Fletcher 1 Jeff Parsons 1 aet

Too close to call at the Bitter Birdies Arena, where Col’s early lead was pegged back by a determined Jeff. Col seemed to suffer a little on the surface and may have been happy to collect the draw and another chance after Jeff made much of the running in extra time.

The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, SemiFinal replay

Jeff Parsons 0 Colin Fletcher 0 aet 0-0 Colin won on shots

The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield 7th June FINAL

Colin Fletcher 1 Rob Paterson 0 ref Brian Kinrade

The John McGeogh Memorial Stadium, Eckington, May 22nd, 2016

 S Davis 0, R Paterson 0

B Kinrade 1, D Collett 5

S Davis 0, D Collett 3

B Kinrade 1, R Paterson 2

 A tight opener provided a fair result, with Robbo doing most of the pressing. Dave was slow out of the blocks in the next game and was relieved to score a couple of goals with his first shots on target only to be pulled back by Brian before the break. Excellent defensive work from Dave kept Brian at bay and a hard-won ball gave him the chance of a long pass and a third goal. Two more followed, unfairly, in view of Brian’s performance, fitting the pattern of all six goals in the match with all touching the ‘keeper on the way in. Dave snatched a first half lead against Steve, almost doubling it when a fine chip shot from out wide found the net…only after the bell had gone for half-time! Steve came on strongly but Dave completed a trio of good chips to clinch the win. Brian took an early lead with a fine move and finish, only for Rob to draw level with an equally fine effort. It was hard to call a winner but it came with the oldest trick in the Paterson Manual, the old shot direct from a corner routine. Robbo, have you no shame?

 The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, April 17th, 2016

J Parsons 1, C Fletcher 1

D Collett 0, C Fletcher 0

D Collett 2, B Kinrade 0

B Kinrade 0, J Parsons 1

 Jeff took the lead shortly after half-time with a well-worked if slightly controversial goal where all three witnesses had a different view of events. A win was in the offing until a late error with an offside trap was compounded by a slightly errant block and Col pounced on the chance. The draw removed any doubt as to the destination of the title and all credit to Mike. Dave increased the pressure on the away goal as the second match went on but some good goalkeeping preserved the draw which guaranteed Col second place.  A good spin flick gave Dave the chance for his first goal; the second was an attempt to force a corner that inadvertantly ended up in the net! Good ‘keeping at both ends ensured there was no addition to the half-time score. Brian drove forward for most of the final game but just lacked that bit of sharpness to pierce Jeff’s strong defence after he had snatched a lead on the break.

 The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, March 13th, 2016

M Parnaby 2, T Moogan 1

D Collett 1, R Paterson 0

D Collett 2, M Parnaby 2

R Paterson 1, T Moogan 2

 Mike would have been hoping for an easier opener than this! Tony’s first attack brought him the lead which he held onto with some confidence. A clever equaliser from a corner might have knocked Tony’s confidence; if so, it certainly did not show as both players exchanged blows to no effect. With the game poised for a deserved draw, Mike’s final attack saw him shoot home with the last flick of the game for a priceless winner. Dave did most of the pressing in the next match and a slightly fortuitous spin saw him through and he shot home the winner. Dave struck early with a fine finish but Mike roared back with two goals before the break, Dave thumping the post in retaliation. Mike’s attack then met a stronger response before the home player levelled after a good long flick and neat finish. Mike struck the crossbar before the end, giving him the point he needed to realistically clinch the title. Tony’s bad luck was still in evidence –he hit the post three times and the crossbar once. Nevertheless, he benefited from a simple ‘keeper-out chance only to be pegged back after the break by a good move and finish. In the last minute, Tony’s striker went on a solo run and planted the ball in the goal for a deserved winner.

The John McGeogh Memorial Stadium, Eckington, February 28th, 2016

M Parnaby 3, S Davis 1

B Kinrade 0, S Davis 2

C Fletcher 1, M Parnaby 5

B Kinrade 1, C Fletcher 1

B Kinrade 1, M Parnaby 5

 Carnage at the McGeogh, where Mike’s early win in a good game against Steve was merely an appetiser. Steve recovered well to best Brian in another good performance but needed his ‘keeper to be in form to preserve the lead. The top-of-the–table clash was scoreless until Mike took the lead on fifteen minutes. Within thirty seconds, Col was level with an excellent finish, only for Mike to respond in kind for a half-time lead. Col applied strong pressure after the break but had no answer as Mike, with fine, long flicks and a series of superb finishes, took full control. Col recovered to take the lead against Brian but a fine shot on the run brought the equaliser. Col stepped up the pressure but couldn’t break through. Mike then displayed his ruthlessness again in moving clear at the top in the most convincing manner possible, despite Brian’s early pressure that might have earned better reward on another day.

Paterson Flats/The Moogan Annex, Erdington, February 21st, 2016

 T Moogan 0, S Davis 0

R Paterson 0, J Parsons 3

T Moogan 0, J Parsons 0

R Paterson 1, S Davis 0

 Robbo took full advantage of an early goal to seal the points against Steve. Defences were well on top in the next two matches, with Steve looking the more adventurous player in the latter game. Jeff then showed that his scoring feat of the previous week was no flash in the pan, taking an early lead after a quick move and floated shot. The lead was doubled with an outstanding effort, a long throw from his own half and a fine shot on the run. Jeff then had to show a strong defensive game to repel Rob’s response before a neat third settled the issue.

The Winterfell Stadium, Moor Green, February 14th, 2016

 J Parsons 4, S Davis 3

C Fletcher 2, S Davis 0

C Fletcher 2, J Parsons 0

An extraordinary game first up, with Jeff, inspired by an early goal, racing into a three-goal lead after twenty-four minutes. Steve pulled one back only for Jeff to immediately make it 4-1. The game looked up for Steve, but back he came with two late goals and even a disallowed late effort which might have gleaned a point. Whew!* When the dust had settled, Col took a first-half lead. Only a fine save from Col preserved this before a second effort on the break decided the issue. Jeff must wonder where all the luck went after dominating much of the last game. Only a superb block by Col denied Jeff when a clear shooting chance was in the offing. Col then rubbed it in with two goals in the last three minutes to clinch the points for the new league leader.

  • Jeff and Steve have both been summarily suspended for bringing the game into disrepute with such an outrageous joint goal tally.
The Other Place, Hexham, January 31st, 2016

 R Paterson 1, M Parnaby 2

J Parsons 0, M Parnaby 1

 Mike boosted his placing up to top spot with two narrow victories. First, he just edged out the Robster in a game of three fine goals. Jeff then proved a tough nut to crack at his new stadium but a second-half winner at last broke the home resistance.

  The Aaron Kaminski 75-Year-Old Stadium, Rowley Regis, January 17th, 2016

 T Moogan 0, R Paterson 1

J Parsons 0, B Kinrade 0

R Paterson 0, B Kinrade 0

J Parsons 1, T Moogan 1

 Robbo took an early, scrappy lead in the Flats/Annex derby (extra security was provided by the host). Tony came back well but was unable to break down a parsimonious defence. Brian then displayed the same qualities in the next two games, proving full value for the two draws gained. Jeff, in search of his first goal of the day, struck it home with a flourish after a mere thirty seconds. With both players looking keenly for the next goal, Tony thought he had equalised but ref Rob deemed otherwise. Undaunted, Tony tried again and levelled with four minutes to go.

    Paterson Flats/The Moogan Annex, Erdington, December 20th

 T Moogan 0, C Fletcher 1

R Paterson 0 D Collett 0

R Paterson 0, C Fletcher 1

T Moogan 2, D Collett 2

 Tony was left to curse his luck when his fine fight-back from a first-half goal went without reward. He might have scored three times after the break, one fine save from Col’s ‘keeper being a highlight. Dave had the upper hand in the first half but failed to register any advantage. The end of the game saw Dave defending well against Robbo’s long, extended attack. Col then pulled further ahead of the pack with a first-half goal against Rob. Col’s strong defence kept out the Paterson huff-and-puff. Dave’s early strike was merely the prelude to what we may have to refer to as a goal-fest. Within two minutes, Tony was in front with two well-taken goals, the first being especially impressive, only for Dave to respond with an effort from an unpromising ‘keeper out’. After the half-time drugs test, things calmed down a bit, with neither player able to grab a winner to a good game.

 The Aaron Kaminski 75-Year-Old Stadium, Rowley Regis, December 12th, 2015

C Fletcher 1, D Collett 0

S Davis 0, C Fletcher 1

J Parsons 0, D Collett 2

S Davis 1, J Parsons 1

 Col scored the only goal of the first game with a well-taken finish just on the break, after a fine save had denied Dave the lead. Dave might have retrieved the situation but lacked the fine touch required in Col’s shooting area. Steve impressed again and was the more impressive player in the first half. The TS gods were smiling on Fletch, alas, as his (legal) twice-hit shot proved the winner. Dave got off to a strong start with two goals from his only shots of the half. He ran out of steam in the second half and Jeff might have pulled a goal back near the end. Jeff certainly upped his game against Steve and deservedly went ahead after the break with a good finish but was unable to withstand a clever, quick Davis attack.

 The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, November 22nd, 2015

 T Moogan 0, M Parnaby 1

D Collett 0, S Davis 0

S Davis 2, M Parnaby 0

D Collett 0, T Moogan 0

 Mike extended his lead at the top with a goal just on the break. He went on to hit the post, though Tony was well placed to level near the end, only to be denied by Mike’s ‘keeper. Dave had most of the momentum in the next game but Steve’s back-line held firm to guarantee a point. He followed this up with a quick, neat goal to take the lead against Mike. The league leader responded strongly but the Davis defence proved difficult to break down. Another fine attack and shot which pinged off the inside of a post might have doubled the lead but Mike then laid siege, hitting the bar and seeing several good efforts saved by Steve’s ‘keeper. With Mike wondering what he had to do to score, Steve showed him how with another good finish from a late attack. All this frenetic activity was followed by the dustcart of the last game, with few moments to arouse the interest of any passing cockatiels.

 The Firhill Stadium, Guiseborough, November 1st, 2015

J Parsons 0, R Paterson 1

M Parnaby 2, R Paterson 0

M Parnaby 3, J Parsons 0

 The opener appeared to be heading for an uneventful draw when a long-ball out of defence was followed by a brilliant shot on the run from Robbo which deserved to win any game. Even the cockatiel woke up to squark its approval. (I made that last bit up). Mike was slightly fortunate with his first goal against Rob, his shot being ‘saved’ by the ‘keeper but still finishing up in the net. The home player doubled his advantage after the break, whereafter Robbo laid siege to the home goal and Mike’s defence had to be in good order to keep the lead. Mike also had the better of the last game, with Jeff’s ‘keeper performing some heroics. Neither player was sure that the two second-half goals were legit but ref Robbo’s hand did not tremble.

 The Davis Arena, Hednesford, October 25th, 2015

 B Kinrade 0, T Moogan 0

S Davis 1, T Moogan 2

S Davis 2, B Kinrade 0

 No sooner were the last knockings of the previous week over than Brian and Tony clashed again at the DA, though goals were lacking in another keen contest. Tony then slotted his first goal of the season. Steve came back strongly only to concede a scrappy second. The arrears were halved but Tony held on for his first win. Steve did likewise in the last game with the home defence having plenty of work to do to preserve a hard-won victory.

 The Winterfell Stadium, Moor Green, October 18th, 2015

 C Fletcher 0, R Paterson 0

T Moogan 0, B Kinrade 2

C Fletcher 1, T Moogan 0

 The equivalent game last season was something of a shot-fest. Perhaps as a reaction to this, there was an air of caution about this match and a suggestion that both players weren’t too upset to settle for the point apiece. Brian went into his third game of the young season perhaps dwelling on the injustices of his thus far pointless campaign. If so, it didn’t show as two high-quality finishes gave him a fine victory. Tony showed more solidity in the final game but was deprived of a point when Col punished ruthlessly some late slackness in the Moogan rearguard.

  The Firhill Stadium, Guiseborough, September 27th, 2015

 C Fletcher 1, B Kinrade 0

M Parnaby 0, D Collett 0

D Collett 1, J Parsons 0

M Parnaby 0, C Fletcher 0

M Parnaby 1, B Kinrade 0

 The honour of the season’s opening goal fell to Col, a first-half shot, hardly his best that crept home for the only goal, despite Brian’s strong attempts to get back into the game. A welcome to this league for Mike, keen to try his hand in the senior competition but held up by Dave in this match of few chances. A late surge from the home player promised a winner but the visitor held on. Dave fared rather better in the next game but was met by an immaculate Parsons defence which denied him any sight of the away net. The pressure was resumed after the break and a corner forced after a defensive error brought Dave the winner with three minutes remaining. Mike had a controlling share of the play against Col, though either player might have scored on another day. Mike then chalked up his first goal in this competition but then had to produce a good save to preserve his lead. A shot against the post in the second half merely confirmed that this was not Brian’s day.

Birmingham & District Table Soccer League –Final table 2015\2016


C Fletcher. 21

D Collett 14.6 .

R Paterson.

 J Parsons.

S Davis.

T Moogan. .14.10

B Kinrade.


Paterson Flats, Erdington, April 24th 2016

 C Fletcher 0, D Collett 0

R Paterson 0 J Parsons 0

D Collett 1, J Parsons 0

R Paterson 0, C Fletcher 0

 Dave went for the win and appeared to have created a good chance near the end after a fine spin flick but Col’s immaculate block ended that ambition. Both players were desperate for a victory that would keep the pressure on the leader but only succeeded in cancelling each other out. A draw was enough for Dave but only his ‘keeper kept him level after a brilliant reverse ball from Jeff had opened his defence. Dave pressed harder in the second period and, having forced possession, he chipped in a fine goal. Jeff thrashed a shot against the post with the last flick but it was Dave’s title. Rob had more of the chances against Col but rushed things too often to benefit, though his point was enough to secure the runner’s-up slot.

 The Aaron Kaminski 75-Year-Old Stadium, Rowley Regis, March 20th, 2016

 R Paterson 0, D Collett 0

J Parsons 0, C Fletcher 0

C Fletcher 0, R Paterson 0

J Parsons 0, D Collett 0

 No goals, but plenty of high quality play on display here. Rob dominated possession early on but Dave kept him at arm’s length. Late in the game, Dave carved out a good opening only to be denied by the ‘keeper pushing the shot onto the inside of the post. Jeff did most of the pressing but it was Col who came closest, Jeff’s goaly sweeping the ball to safety just short of the line. The third game was very tight with little in the way of chances. Jeff then denied Dave with two good second-half saves when it appeared the drought was about to be ended.

  • After this entirely goalless session, all four players were commended by the League for bringing the Flats League into repute.

 The Firhill Stadium, Guiseborough, March 6th, 2016

 J Parsons 0, R Paterson 0

M Parnaby 0, R Paterson 3

M Parnaby 0, J Parsons 0

 Rob just had the upper hand in a game of few chances, to no avail. Robbo then boosted his hopes with a fine win which turned on a magnificent long flick which was the prelude to the second goal. Such was the quality of Rob’s performance that more goals might have followed. Mike recovered to press Jeff in the last game but once more Jeff’s defenders earned their corn in keeping another clean sheet.

The Firhill Stadium, Guiseborough, January 10th, 2016

 D Collett 0, C Fletcher 0

M Parnaby 0, D Collett 1

M Parnaby 1, C Fletcher 1

 Dave showed plenty of attacking intent but found Col’s ‘keeper in good form. Col took a greater share of the game after the break, but Dave nearly clinched a winner with a late effort that Col squeezed out via the post. Dave carried this form into the next game and was rewarded with a goal just before half-time. Mike pressed but could find no way through the visitor’s defence. Mike recovered to dominate the opening half against Col, a left-wing strike finding the far corner. Something must have happened at the break, as Col was a changed man. He might have equalised before his long shot slid into the net off a post. Both men went for the winner but the FOT proved a brake on Mike’s ambitions. Hopefully, no cockatiels were emotionally scarred by the imprecations and foul oaths that permeated the playing atmosphere.

 The Winterfell Stadium, Moor Green, January 3rd, 2016

 J Parsons 0, M Parnaby 0

C Fletcher 0, J Parsons 0

C Fletcher 0, M Parnaby 1

 Mike took the initiative in the opener, but Jeff’s resolve proved unbreakable. The second game offered little suggestion that any ducks would be broken. Finally, Colin’s shot over the bar and another against the post indicated that a breakthrough might be imminent. Instead, Mike scrambled a shot in from a short corner with the last flick of the game to give him both the honour of 2016’s first goal and the leadership of the division.

 The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, November 29th, 2015

 R Paterson 1, M Parnaby 1

D Collett 0, M Parnaby 0

D Collett 1, R Paterson 0

 Champ Robbo started the Flats goal-fest with a half-hit shot that eluded Mike’s ‘keeper. The equaliser came after the break with another rolled shot that Mike measured inside the near post for a fair result. Dave held the initiative for most of the next game without being able to set up a decisive finish. Mike then took control of the last five minutes but could not improve the scoreline. Some quick, neat play from Rob might have given him the lead against Dave but a good save preserved equality. Dave sneaked the lead on the break with a shot on the run, against Robbo of all people. (Rob’s request for steward’s enquiry at half-time was turned down.) With Dave hitting few heights, Rob pressed for an equaliser but another good save denied the meting out of TS justice.

 D Collett 8.3 . CHAMPION

R Paterson.

C Fletcher. 7

 J Parsons.

  Birmingham & District Table Soccer Challenge Cup

 Round 1

 The Aaron Kaminski 75-Year-Old Stadium, Rowley Regis, December 12th, 2015

 S Davis 1, D Collett 2 AET

 A neat move and finish gave Dave an early merited lead. Steve came back well and levelled with a beautifully clean strike from an angle. In the additional period, Dave dominated but was only able to take the winning goal following a good spin flick with a mere seven seconds remaining. A cruel end to a good game.

  The Other Place, Hexham, January 31st, 2016

 J Parsons 0, R Paterson 0 AET

 The opening of a new TS venue is always a moment to remember in B&DTSL history. Sadly, there was little left to recall in this tightest of cup-ties. Jeff had a glimpse of victory late on but committed a foul in Robbo’s shooting area to ensure that both players will need to try again.

 The Winterfell Stadium, Moor Green, February 10th, 2016

 C Fletcher 1, J Kinrade 0

 For the second year running, Joe must be cursing the black cats and smashed mirrors that conspired to deny him an entirely deserved extra-time shot against the league leader. If anything, Joe was the better player for much of the game despite Col’s fine chipped winner and only a top save kept a desperate lead intact at the end.

 The Winterfell Stadium, Moor Green, February 14th, 2016

B Kinrade 0, T Moogan 1

 Tony found the decisive strike with a well-taken angled shot. Brian will possibly look back on a good chance to level which he spurned by choosing an approach flick rather than a full-blooded finish.

 First Round Replay

 Paterson Flats, Erdington, February 21st, 2016

 R Paterson 1, J Parsons 0 AET

 After a first half of many chances, the game settled into a tighter affair after the break and shots were well in the offing when, with two minutes left on the clock, a quick move from a throw-in was enough to decide the outcome.

 Semi Finals

 Paterson Flats, Erdington, May 15th, 2016

 R Paterson 1, D Collett 1 AET

C Fletcher 0, T Moogan 0 AET

 Dave took an early lead in the second half following a good move. Robbo responded and took his reward with a shot that was judged just over the line. Tony took the initiative against Col, who was out of sorts early on but improved as the game went on. Both players might have scored with good efforts but fine saves from both keepers kept things goalless.

 The Leninium Stadium, Chesterfield, May 22nd, 2016

 Semi-final replay

 D Collett 0, R Paterson 0 AET (2-1, shots)

 The Robster will curse his luck for not pressing home his advantage in normal time when he pushed Dave hard and brought a fine save from his keeper. Dave then took over in the extra period but could not profit from three scoring chances. Dave’s ‘keeper then performed well in ‘shots’ to ensure the hard road to the final was completed.

 The Aaron Kaminski 75-Year-Old Stadium, Rowley Regis, June 5th, 2016

 Semi-final replay

 T Moogan 0, C Fletcher 0 AET (1-0, shots)

 Fletchers’ fettle was fine in the second game and he had several opportunities to settle the game. Tony hung on without ever really looking like scoring but kept out all of Col’s shots after AET before firing home one of his own.


 D Collett 0, T Moogan 0 AET

 Dave will still be wondering how he missed a second-half chance to take the lead from in front of goal. Tony had his own moments and a good save from Dave near the end might have been vital.

 Final Replay

 T Moogan 0, D Collett 0 AET (0-2, shots)

 Again, there was little to separate the two players, with some good saves at both ends, Tony also twice scraping clear with the ‘keepers’ rod. In the end, all came to naught and it was down to Dave holding his nerve and earning his corn after an exhausting session to take the cup back to Chez Vegas.



Birmingham & District Table Soccer Association Main League (OO+flats optional) 2016-17
Games on 9th Oct 2016 at Guisbrough:
Mike Parnaby  3  Rob Paterson  1
Jeff Parsons    0  Rob Paterson   0
Mike Parnaby  1  Jeff Parsons    1
Games on 15th Oct 2016 Hednesford:
Rob Paterson 0  Dave Collett 0
Steve Davis 0 Dave Collett 2
Steve Davis 0 Rob Paterson 0
Games on 18th Oct 2016 Newthorpe
Colin Fletcher 2 Brian Kinrade 0
Steve Davis 2 Brian Kinrade 1
Steve Davis 0 Colin Fletcher 1
Games on Sunday, 23rd Oct, 2016 at Newthorpe:
Jeff Parsons 0  Mike Parnaby 0
Colin Fletcher  0  Jeff Parsons  0
Colin Fletcher  0  Mike Parnaby  0
Games on Wednesday, 26th Oct, 2016 at Eckington:
Steve Davis 1  Jeff Parsons 3
Brian Kinrade  1  Steve Davis 2
Brian Kinrade 0  Jeff Parsons  1
Games on Sunday 6th Nov,2016 at Erdington
Rob Paterson 1 Brian Kinrade 0
Tony Moogan 0 Brian Kinrade 1
Tony Moogan 1 Rob Paterson 4
Games on Sunday 13th Nov,2016 at Eckington:
Rob Paterson 0 Mike Parnaby 3
Brian Kinrade 2 Tony Moogan 1
Brian Kinrade 2 Mike Parnaby 3
Rob Paterson 2 Tony Moogan 1
 Challenge Cup Round 1
Steve Davis 0v2 Rob Paterson at Hednesford 15th Oct
Games on Sunday, 20th Nov, 2016 at Rowley
Jeff Parsons  0  Tony Moogan 1
Jeff Parsons  0   Steve Davis   0
Seve Davis   1   Tony Moogan 1
Challenge Cup Round 1 at Rowley on 20th Nov, 2016.
Jeff Parsons   1  Tony Moogan  2
Games at Chesterfield on Sunday, 27th Nov, 2016:
 Dave Collett  2  Brian Kinrade 1
Dave Collett  2  Tony Moogan  0
Challenge Cup Round 1
Dave Collett 1 Brian Kinrade 0
Games on Sunday 15th Jan,2017 at Erdington:
Rob Paterson 0 Colin Fletcher 0
Tony Moogan 0 Colin Fletcher 0
Rob Paterson 1 Steve Davis 0
Tony Moogan 1  Steve Davis 1
Game on Saturday 11th Jan, 2017:
Mike Parnaby 1 Brian Kinrade 0 
Games on Sunday 15th Jan, 2017:
Mike Parnaby 3  Steve Davis 0
Dave Collett   1  Steve Davis 1
Dave Collett   1  Mike Parnaby 1
Games at Rowley on Sunday, 26th February, 2017
Brian Kinrade  0  Rob Paterson 1
Jeff Parsons    0   Rob Paterson 0
Jeff Parsons    2   Brian Kinrade 0
Matches played 12th March 2017 at Eastwood, Nottingham
Mike Parnaby  1  Tony Moogan 0
Colin Fletcher  4   Steve Davis   0
Colin Fletcher  2  Tony Moogan 1
Steve Davis     2  Mike Parnaby 4
Tony Moogan  0  Mike Parnaby  1
Games played on Sunday, 19th March, 2017 (postponed from 25th Sept, 2017) at Guisborough
Colin Fletcher  0  Dave Collett     0
Mike Parnaby  0   Dave Collett    1
Mike Parnaby  0   Colin Fletcher 0
Games at Chesterfield on Sunday, 26th March, 2017
Colin Fletcher 0 Rob Paterson 0
Dave Collett 1 Jeff Parsons 1
Dave Collett 0 Rob Paterson 0
Colin Fletcher 1 Jeff Parsons 1

Matches played 9th April 2017 at Eastwood, 
Rob Paterson 0 Tony Moogan 0 aet
Tony Moogan 0 Rob Paterson 2
Games on Sunday 28th April,2017 at Eckington 
Colin Fletcher 0 Dave Collett 0 aet
Dave Collett 0 Colin Fletcher aet 0v1
Games on Sunday 30th April,2017 at Erdington
Jeff Parsons 0 Dave Collett 0
Tony Moogan 0 Jeff Parsons 3
Tony Moogan 1 Dave Collett 1
Games on Sunday 14th May,2017 at Eckington
Colin Fletcher 1 Dave Collett 0
Brian Kinrade 1 Dave Collett 2 
Brian Kinrade 0 Colin Fletcher 2
Challenge Cup Final June 4th 2017
Colin Fletcher 0 Rob Paterson 0 aet 1v0



Birmingham & District Table Soccer League –Final table 2016\2017


C Fletcher. 20

D Collett 14.5 .

 J Parsons.

R Paterson.

S Davis.

T Moogan. .21.6

B Kinrade.



Birmingham & District Table Soccer Association - Flats Results


Games played Sunday, 11th Dec, 2016 at Lowgate, Hexham.

Dave Collett  1  Mike Parnaby 0

Jeff Parsons  0  Mike Parnaby  0

Jeff Parsons  0  Dave Collett  1

As one could expect, a war of attrition filled with the best flat skills. Dave was on superb spinning form but both the other two players would argue that he also got the luck with both goals, both having a referee's decision going his way. Oh for a vertical video camera  not just for the decisions but for the tactical play, none of which would be seen on a FISTF game. The 20 minutes each half is not an accident in the Birmingham League. A touch/ no touch decision allowed  Dave to score after 8 minutes but Mike replied so well with his largely spinless, straight game that he matched  Dave for the rest of the game. Mike's accurate seemingly last ditch blocks policy were 100 % on and allowed Dave very few more opportunities to add to his score.

The game between Jeff and Mike was equally well contested with Mike increasing his attacking as the game went on and relying on very few truly defensive figures. Mike's attack were well thwarted but when he needed to put that defensive destructive block in, it went in skilfully.

Now this third game was the real one that needed the video camera. the first half was equally contested with Dave constantly attacking down his right to pull the defence so he could get down the left. One could argue that it never worked nor did the obsession for forcing a throw. Nothing new from previous games, one may say and then the second half came. 75% of the half was taken up with one move which was Jeff trapping Dave's figure offside with five figures. The game would have been re-racked under FISTF. And then the lightest accident by Jeff released the figure and  the accident haunted Jeff for another 10 minutes. One could argue all day on the decision but these players do not argue; they just strictly play and referee decisively.  However, the pain could not have been more excruciating when Dave from his beloved left muscled his way through to hit the winner with effectively the last flick of the match.

Games played Sunday, 18th Dec, 2016 at TLS

Rob Paterson  1 Mike Parnaby 1

Dave Collett  0  Mike Parnaby 0

Dave Collett  0  Rob Paterson 1

Games played Sunday, 8th Jan, 2017 at FIRHILL

Jeff Parsons  0  Rob Paterson  0

Mike Parnaby 2 Rob Paterson 1

Mike Parnaby 1 Jeff Parsons  0

Games played Sunday, 19th Feb, 2017 at Erdington

Dave Collett  1  Jeff Parsons  0

Rob Paterson 1 Jeff Parsons  1

Rob Paterson 0 Dave Collett  1